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Financial Advisor, Scott Cramer, joined me to discuss how the individual real estate investor can diversify their portfolio into markets never imagined. If you think now is a great time to own real estate but you are afraid of getting out there and buying and flipping houses then you might want to consider REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) A REIT is basically a professionally managed group of assets that all fall within a specific charter, or more plainly, are similar properties/activities.

As you will find out from Scott, REITs encompass a wide range of property types and geographic areas. If you want to invest in other states or other countries even, REITs make it possible. As with any type of investing though it is important to understand your personal investing goals and risk tolerance.

If you would like to find out more make sure you visit Scott's site

Remember: Andy Heller is still offering a silly cheap deal on his REO Fortunes course offered online, check it out

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Have a Plan - Take Action - Real Estate Investing Made Simple

David Veeder joined me today to talk about how he built his real estate business. Now David isn't going to tell you how he built Billions in real estate. Instead David is a guy I have known for 3+ years. He started exactly where we all do with no real estate. In a fairly short period of time he has built up his business to the point that he makes his living by owning rental homes and loaning private money. This interview is a must for anyone that is trying to figure out how to go from employee to real estate entrepreneur.

David shares...

  • How to figure out what type of investing is right for you
  • Going out and building a network of other investors
  • Searching out and working with a mentor to help you learn
  • Learning how to rehab rental properties correctly
  • Getting up after a tough deal
  • Using your money to create income in real estate without owning it

Remember if you have a story to tell make sure you go to the "Suggest an Interview" form and let us know.

Have an interest in foreclosures? You have to check out Andy Heller's Bank Owned Home training course.

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How to Run a Real Real Estate Business

Ankit Duggal shares is ups and downs to becoming successful in real estate.

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Foreclosed and Distressed Property Financing

Kurt Carlton shares how to get financing on multiple properties without a new downpayment every time.

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Sustainable and Profitable Rehabbing, Greenhabbing

I think this is a great episode, make sure you tune in and hear how Jim Simcoe stumbled into one of the hottest ways to invest in real estate today. Jim is rehabbing and consulting with other investors on how to plan and execute single and multi-family rehab projects by using sustainable and eco-friendly methods and materials.

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My good friend Andy Heller joined us today to share what he is doing in this real estate market to profit from the record low housing prices. I can't tell you all of the great information here, so listen in to this episode. But I can tell you a few of the high points of his talk.

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GRS - 200

OK, I know we deserve crap for disappearing off the face of the earth for 6 months without saying a word. Here is the deal...

We were on holiday in the congo when a group of aborigines jumped out of nowhere and captured our whole group.

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Internet Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Business Builders 2010 - Live presentation

We had an awesome 3 days where folks from around the country learned more about real estate investing and the ways to profit in today's market. One of our most popular speakers was Devon Brown - The Success Renegade. He shared a ton of great information on exactly how to build your buyer's list online and then profit from it even if they never buy one of your houses. I can see why everyone was amped up about this presentation. It is information packed and Devon is full of energy.

Devon even surprised me after the event by 1. allowing us to release the audio and video to our listeners but, 2. he put together an exclusive offer to try out his Web Copy Cat system for only, $5! That is an amazing offer that I know everyone will want to jump on, Now!

Check out Web Copy Cat

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Profitng from Foreclosures


If you have been trying to navigate the best way to acquire and profit from real estate in today's market then you are in for a treat as I sat down with Andy Heller, a good friend, mentor and fellow investor as he shared what he is doing in today's market to profit short term, mid-term and for years to come.

On this show Andy discussed how he;

  • Spends only 2-4 hours per week looking for homes
  • Leverage the help of banks and REO Agents
  • Has 4 profit centers to make money on each house
  • Averages $40k-$70k profit quick turning 25% of his homes
  • Rents homes quickly and with almost no tenant calls
  • How to buy foreclosures even if you are strapped for cash and credit

This really is one of the best interviews I have had with Andy so make sure you check it out.

For more information on the Regular Riches method of investing in foreclosures visit

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Tax Liens, Rentals and Private Lending

Get Real Show - Episode 186

Today is a special question and answer show because we have had a ton of great questions lately. If you have a question make sure you click on the "Questions" tab at the top of and leave your question to get a chance at your choice of two great real estate investing products worth $200.

Our questions today were about how to cash in on acquiring tax lien properties, moving out of rentals and into flipping homes and acquiring private money and keep your nose clean with the SEC.  Listen in to get the answers to these questions.

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Getting Money to Build Your Business

I did a 90 minute webinar with Chris Johnson last night and I couldn't wait to get up this morning to get a replay out to everyone.  Chris had a ton of great information and it is amazing to me how well his students have done at raising capital for their real estate and their businesses. 

I hope you enjoy it and take some good notes on what Chris is teaching so you can get some government cash too. 

If you are interested in being a student make sure you visit

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Short Sales, the MLS and Craigslist Rentals

Short Sales, the MLS and Craigslist Rentals - Episode 184

This week is a listener mail week where we answer your burning real estate investing questions. If you have a question make sure you click on "Questions" on the top of the page and leave us your question.  If we read your question on the show you will have your choice of 2 really cool gifts from us valued at over $200!

Today's questions were...

"I have seen MLS listings for short sales that say one of the following:
1. Subject to Lender Approval - this is pretty obvious.
2. SHORT SALE with approval or we have approval price from bank  - Does this mean the approval price might be different from the listed sales price, and that the approval price is the only price the bank will accept?  Should I even consider trying to negotiate less than the approval price?
I am basically trying to determine when it is appropriate to offer less than the listed sales price." from Cheryl B


"I'm a buy and hold investor looking for ways to maximize my time with advertising my rentals. Currently I have 61 units and was wondering if you have any tips on how to keep my Craigslist ads near the top of the list without having yo delete the ad and rewrite it. Or do you know of any software tools that help you post rental ads?" from Cory B (no relation to Cheryl)

Business Builders 2010 - For FREE!!

If you have been looking to develop your business, real estate or otherwise then you need to make it to Atlanta September 24-26 where we are hosting Business Builders 2010 a 3 day conference to help you build or start your real estate or online business.  AND as a listener we are going to let you go for FREE!!! Register Now

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Larry Hoffman shows us how to get buyers fast on and offline. More info on his software at

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Good Landlording Equals Good Money

Learn from Scott Taylor as he shares how to properly manage rental properties and their maintenance.​

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Today we are talking about how to make successful offers on REO properties, or bank owned foreclosures.  Learn the process from the inside from a broker that lists the homes for the banks.​
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Today we are talking with Harrison Painter, Realtor, Investor and Social Media king pin about what he has done and counseled others to do to make an impact in their market with social media.  This can be one of the best ways to get leads for buyers and sellers without spending a bunch of money.​
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